How do you make more hours in the day?

How do you make more hours in the day? –@MrJNowlin

Gandhi has a great quote on this. Someone said that with all of his responsibilities he probably should be not be meditating for a whole hour every day. He replied, “I guess I need to meditate for two hours per day.”

Time management is a myth. You have the time. You don’t even really need to manage it that much. For instance, going through “the Internet loop”: email, Facebook, Twitter, news, etc. For most people that takes 15-20 minutes and they do it up to 10 times a day. Do it twice a day.

But if that’s hard we must take more extreme measures: No TV, no alcohol, no dinners outside the house (ideally, no dinner past 7 pm or even earlier) and wake up an hour earlier.

And, if you can, no meetings. And if you have a meeting, make it a walking meeting. Walk around the block for your meeting. So you get exercise also and the meeting goes faster. Or don’t allow any chairs in the meeting room. I can guarantee the  meeting will only be five minutes then.

And don’t waste time making excuses about this. Or complaining to me about it. I’m pretty busy also. So I don’t watch TV, I don’t waste time at dinners outside the house, I wake up an hour earlier, I try (please god give me the strength) not to do the “internet loop” too many times during the day.  I don’t take on meetings (or, rarely – I pack all my meetings into one day a week and then go from meeting to meeting).

So I’ve saved time.

Now, my big challenge – what to do with that extra time? So I write a lot. And help businesses I’m involved with. But I want to take even that down a notch. Spend more time with people I love. Spend more time exercising and reading. I hope.