How does one become a faster decision maker while still maintaining the quality of your decision?

In one of my posts someone said, “you’re always pushing ‘The Daily Practice‘”, but the fact is, when I was down on the floor, going broke, losing my home, losing family, losing friends, losing businesses, any number of times over the past 25 years, the only things that’s lifted me up is simultaneously getting physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

Imagine that you have four bodies and not just one. And there’s an invisible blood that flows back and forth through each body, the way blood flows through your physical body. If any of the bodies or out of balance, then this invisible blood will not flow. And you will start to feel it. You’ll get less healthy, your relationships will sour, your ability to have ideas and execute on them will turn to crap, your ability to surrender and find balance in your life will falter.

But when everything is in balance and the invisible blood is flowing, when the heart of your being is pumping without any impediments, then you will make decisions faster, better, smarter.