How I can I be more action oriented?

Elena Moiseeva ‏ @elenawebstudio how I can I be more action oriented?It seems like I’m easily discouraged if my idea is not accepted by others from the 1 time


You know why people shoot down your idea? Because you are smarter than them. And they don’t get it. Don’t even talk to them about your idea. They are stupid.

Don’t talk to anyone anymore. Build your idea.

And if it fails, like most do. Build the next one. I’m 44, you’re 24. In the past 20 years I’ve tried over 100 ideas. Maybe 90 of them were horrible.

But that’s life. Eventually I will stop worrying about ideas. And whether people accept them. And a huge weight will lift off my shoulders. I want to walk into a field and life down. But first, I still have some ideas I’m passionate about….