How would you end the war in the Middle East?

Jordan Phoenix ‏@jphoenix24: How would you end the war in the Middle East?


There’s no way to end the war in the Middle East. It’s hopeless.

1) Shiites hate Sunnis

2) Fundamentalists hate secularists

3) Muslims hate Jews

4) Nationalists from each country hate the nationalists in every other country

These four things aren’t true for every single person in the Middle East. but they are largely true.

On top of it, for each of the 4 categories: unbelievable atrocities have been committed by each group in the four categories above against the other categories. Just look at the Jews and Palestinians. The Iraqis and the Kurds. Every fundamentalist Shiite group and the Sunnis.

(I hope we can at least get the hell out of there)

The only way to keep a modicum of peace is not to get everyone to the peace table. Quite the opposite. The peace table has been tried so many times, everyone shakes hands in big publicity shots but then the participants are assassinated, war strikes up again like lit dynamite, and all the peace comes to an end.

Unfortunately, the only way for “balance” as opposed to peace is get everyone funded, trading, and as tense as possible. We destroyed thebalance, for instance, by destroying the Sunnis in Iraq. Now the Shiites in Iran will basically take over. The balance of Iran vs Iraq that lasted for decades is now over and that is causing massive disruption in the Middle East to the point where we are worried we may have to go to a war with a new nuclear power in Iran.

Balance is everything. So what I would do is reduce trade sanctions everwhere. Keep well-funded the weaker powers in the sector. Keep the tensions alive across every border so everyone is equally nervous, and continue try to get businessmen back to the business of business instead of the business of war or hate.