I am grateful anyway even if I am going through some really crazy changes now

I am going through some really crazy changes now but I am grateful anyway. For the first time I am finding myself not making money in real estate and I just moved with my wife and my 10 year old daughter from a 4300 square foot home on 8 acres in a great area of Richmond Virginia. I am broke and stressing on what my new methods of income are going to be. I thought that I was building one of the greatest real estate family of websites and social networks in the world. But it seems that I keep running in to sabotage every where I turn. The last was the Google panda update and I am not sure that would be considered sabotage.

I am finding myself wanting to use all my integrity honesty and knowledge to really make a difference. I have been discovering like minded people at place like www.Ted.com . I feel like I am going through some kind of quickening and I have certainly done this often before.

I have other things to do just now. But I did want to take you up on your challenge. So I will send this now but I promise to share more of my story with you later if you have any interest for real.