Is God someone in your life?

Is God someone in your life? –@croixchartreuse

I’m going to address the actual semantics of your question. You ask: “is God SOMEONE in my life”.

I don’t think of “God” as a someone. That sort of means the organized religion way of viewing God as some sort of being external to me that created me. I don’t believe there is anybody like that in the universe.

Here’s exactly what I believe. We know that the universe was probably created in the “Big Bang”. All the atoms in your body were created then. Not only that, all the things we don’t understand (like where do “thoughts” come from) were probably created then also.

All information came out of the big band. Every unit of knowledge or understanding came out of the Big Bang. Time started in the big bang.

So what was there “before” the Big Bang? Even the question itself makes no sense. Because time started with the Big Bang, as did information.

So what I believe is there is some essence, some force, that by definition is beyond my understanding. I try to surrender to that force every day, despite having no way to understand it, comprehend it, even discuss it other than in these vague terms. I’ll never understand it. To me, that’s what is beautiful about it. Most things I will never understand. Most things that are greater than me and perhaps define me.

To me, that is God.