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I just sort of released a new book. It’s not on Amazon. I might never put it there. Or maybe I will in a few months. I don’t know.

That said, I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written (well…equal to “Choose Yourself!”, it’s more like a companion guide to that book).

How can you get it?

If you subscribe to my PODCAST ON ITUNES and then send an email to with the subject line “Podcast Subscriber” then it will automatically be sent to you.

It contains more of my raw stories than my advice-driven stuff although I like to write both.

Here’s the table of contents. I hope you listen to my podcast and then get the book and read it and love me because I like to be loved.

The Choose Yourself Stories

(How To Be Rich Even If You’re a Failure)

Table of Contents:

How To Be A Superhero (2)

Fearless Blogging (4)

My First Customer is Now Dead (6)

Don’t Go To Jail (11)

How To Be An Ultimate Fighter (14)

How I Killed Osama Bin Laden (18)

How To Avoid Death (20)

How To Be A TV Star (22)

How To Get Rich, The Push (25)

I Want to Live (27)

How To Be The King Of The World (29)

There’s No Painless Way to Kill Yourself (32)

The Day I Stopped a Ten Million Dollar Robbery (35)

With All Due Respect (39)

Three Card Monte For Your Soul (41)

Imaginary Letter from My Daughter To Me (43)

Girl With The Name That Was a Curse (45)

Prostitutes, Drugs, HBO, and the Best Job I Ever Had (48)

Live Sex, Chess, and Shame (52)

The Day Stockpickr Was Going to Go Out of Business – A Story of Friendship (55)

My Blind Date Gone Bad (59)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe (62)

How to Win at Monopoly Every Time (66)

My Visit to the White House (67)

Go With The Flow: I’m A Lucky Guy (69)

Everything is Funny All The Time (71)

How Steve Cohene Changed My Life (74)

Did I Mention I was Once a Respiratory Therapist (78)

The One Reason Why Facebook is Worth $100 Billion (84)

I’m Guilty of Torturing Women (92)

How to Succeed in LA Without Really Trying (94)

Imagine You Are Ten years Old (96)

When I Was Completely Humiliated By Yoga (101)

My Name is James A and I’m an Alcoholic (105)

My Lawyer is Dead (109)

I Want My Kids to Be Drug Addicts (112)

Dear Google (118)

Obsession (127)

Steve Wynn and the Lost Diamonds of Africa (131)

140Love – The Ultimate Dating Service

Freedom (140)

I Want My Daughters to be Lesbians (144)

How I Met Claudia (145)

Falling in Love (150)

I Hope to God I Don’t Repeat the Past (153)

How I Disappointed Tupac’s Mom (158)

I am The Bravest Man Alive (160)

I’m Ashamed (162)

Three Stories About Billionaires (166)

Why a Grenade Needs to Get Thrown at Me (169)

The Year I Did Nothing But Play Poker (173)

How To Be a Comedian (175)

Mouse In The Salad (178)

Why I Started Stockpickr (182)

Lots of Naked People (187)

If you like it, please write me. If you hate it, please forgive me.