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Your computer knows how your mouse moves. So if you have Parkinson’s disease, who’s going to know first?


Or the insurance company who buys that data from Google?

That’s just one of the millions of problems that the smartest people in the world today are thinking about.

I learned that one from Roger McNamee, a billionaire who invested in Google, Oracle, Cisco, then he was an early investor in Facebook. And he wrote a book, “Zucked” about all this data that’s being collected.

Then I interviewed Sam Harris. And he talked about all the ways we’re irrational. And blinded by cognitive bias.

I even made a video about this not too long ago:

“How Eminem wins Rap Battles, Negotiations, Sales, Arguments, Elections…ANYTHING!”
You can watch it here:

Thinking we’re rational is another one of these macro-problems I’ve learned from the 500 podcast guests I’ve had. Every guest has their finger on the pulse of another problem.

Which is good.

Because problems = business opportunities.

Every time I watch Shark Tank, I think, “I should’ve thought of that!”

And I tell the TV. But it can’t hear me (yet).

Maybe someday it will. And it’ll help me come up with the greatest solutions to our greatest problems.

But until then, I have Steve Cohen. And we went on the air to talk about the major problems we’ve learned from podcast guests.

And we also try to come up with solutions, too.

Here’s a clip:


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