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Nas had a great life. And a great job. He was making six figures as a software developer for Venmo.

But he was too comfortable. So he quit his job.

And started a creative challenge where he traveled around the world. And made a one-minute video every day for 1,000 days.

He didn’t skip a single day. Which is not easy.

So I wanted to have Nas, founder of Nas Daily and author of “Around the World in 60 Seconds: The Nas Daily Journey―1,000 Days. 64 Countries. 1 Beautiful Planet” on the podcast to learn how he got the courage to quit his job, travel the world and become a professional creator.

Here’s a clip from the show & what we talked about.

  • 1:28 | Episode preview
  • 4:00 | How Nas decided to quit his secure job, get out of his comfort zone and start something new.
  • 6:58 | Audience currency. How do you build a valuable audience?
  • 11:30 | The power of consistency. Nas did a video a day for 1,000 days. That was his goal. He even told his parents, “If you die, I still have to make a video that day.” That’s how much importance he put on this commitment. And it’s the reason he’s successful with 14 million subscribers. And growing.
  • 13:15 | How to get better: put out bad content.
  • 17:30 | The surprising content that reached #1 on Nas Daily.
  • 21:51 | How to make something you care about.
  • 23:58 | Don’t push yourself to achieve your goals. Set goals you’ll love to achieve.
  • 25:05 | How Nas felt quitting his job.
  • 26:12 | Success doesn’t happen overnight. Nas made 270 videos before hitting it big. But then there was a tipping point. And he started getting millions of views. Hear Nas say what that tipping point was
  • 28:54 | “The more you open up, the more people related.” – Nas. Hear how he makes transparent content that grows his audience.
  • 33:50 | How to develop your point of view. And convert it into a story.
  • 37:10 | The video Nas wishes he never had to make… and why it’s the one video everyone remembers most.
  • 38:25 | How to stay true to yourself. And resist the urge to let your audience dictate what you do?
  • 40:44 | In today’s world, you don’t need to get picked by Hollywood. You can choose yourself. And create what you want. And have full control of what you make.
  • 45:20 | Nas met his girlfriend in the comments section of his video. Hear how she stood out.
  • 46:49 | What it’s like to film in North Korea.
  • 49:07 | Nas has seen a lot of bad on his journey to “show the good.” And it’s impacted him.
  • 54:33 | How to know if what you’re making is life-changing.
  • 55:25 | Why college campuses should be online.
  • 56:38 | Everybody labels. “Harvard graduate.” “New York Times Bestseller.” etc. But do these labels get in the way of us creating our own paths?
  • 1:02:28 | We debate Facebook ads. Are they greedy? Or do they care about meaningful content?1:05:38 | Transparency buys freedom. “ And money is a side effect of transparency. “So if you optimize for money, you will lose attention. If you optimize for attention, you will get money.”
  • 1:08:49 | How Nas learned to trust his vision. And make $2-3 million dollars a year.
  • 1:11:50 | The most noticeable change is Nas’s life now that he has money.
  • 1:14:26 | Everyday, I write down 10 ideas. I’ve been doing this for years. So I shared my life with Nas. Because it’s the 10 lessons I learned from him, his book and his videos.
  • 1:16:40 | The value of Nas’s book, “Around the World in 60 Seconds: The Nas Daily Journey―1,000 Days. 64 Countries. 1 Beautiful Planet.” And which videos are my favorite.



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