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I want to know what people think. And feel. I want to be able to read a room. And then use that to either make more money, create relationships, have more success, make business deals, etc.

So I found Euny Hong and invited her on the podcast. She is the author of “The Power of Nunchi: The Korean Secret to Happiness and Success.”

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Quotes from this episode:

  • “You can succeed without nunchi but only up to a point.” – Euny Hong
  • “Nunchi is about finding the right time to strike.” – Euny Hong
  • “You can’t force a person to do something differently so you have to do something differently. Even if you don’t think it’s your responsibility.” – Euny Hong
  • “The magic is in knowing how to be quiet and pay attention to the writing on the wall.” – Euny Hong
  • “If you’re watching a play, you don’t just focus on one or two people or else you’re losing context, so do the same thing when you enter a room.” – Euny Hong
  • “You can observe without expecting immediate, dramatic results.” – Euny Hong