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“I have to make a confession to you,” I said.

“At first, I was a little reluctant – and this is when I first started the podcast. Someone suggested I should have you on. I was a little reluctant because someone told me you say yes to everything.”

“And at the time, I was writing a book about The Power of No. Someone told me a story that you even stay up till one in the morning replying to emails because that’s how much of a giver you are, and hence the title of the book, Give and Take. So is it true you stay up till one in the morning responding to emails?”

“Rarely,” Adam said.

“Okay, rarely, good,” I said.

“So I’m gonna say no to that,” Adam said.

“Okay. Good,” I said back.

I promise the interview gets good. Pretty much immediately after this. So there. Now you’re ready. Adam reveals there are three types of people.

And you’re going to learn what exactly you are.

A giver, taker or matcher.

Listen now to find out. Because once you know what you are, you get to take advantage of it.