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Note: Tucker is back and with him comes a small bit of explicit language.

Tucker Max, Nils Parker, and Dr. Jeff Miller are all here to discuss their new book Mate: Become the Man Women Want.

But what does dating have to do with business?

Believe it or not, marketing yourself for social relationships is related to marketing your business for success. In fact, from Tucker’s point of view, they’re almost one in the same. “Dating and sex is [seen as] a battle between men and women, and that’s totally wrong.”

He says, “You want to create win-win relationships,” a relationship where you and your partner(s), whether they be professional or romantic, both come out on top is exactly what you should be seeking.

When Jeff and Tucker met over a steak dinner to discuss Jeff’s recent social and evolutionary psychology talk at a conference, it wasn’t necessarily a romantic meal.

Jeff’s point of view is not trickling down to the young men and women who could truly benefit from his kind of information, and both authors were worried about the perceived misconceptions regarding their work.

“I was appalled at how they misunderstood and misapplied it,” Jeff says of his first book. “I wrote The Mating Mind a long time ago, ’98/’99, and the science has moved on.”

But even with a modern point of view that speaks distinctively with that fratire tone of voice, Tucker Max still experienced the same problem. “I assumed when I wrote the stories that everyone got the subtext,” Tucker says. “[But] the guys didn’t even have a basic foundational set of knowledge about life or about women or about social relationships that they could put my stories into context.”

And this is why a deep understanding of social relationships is nothing but beneficial for your business.

I’m not telling you to marry your job, because it will never satisfy you in a way a romantic relationship ever could. But when you’re networking and looking to build that client base, understanding what makes your brand attractive and utilizing those tools to attract new people is key to your success.

Tucker, Geoffery, and Nils took the initiative to update our knowledge banks and give us these tools, along with a few pieces of eye-catching advice regarding:

  • How to adapt yourself and your business to cultural change
  • How to seek win-win relationships where cooperation, communication, and coordination reign supreme
  • How to network effectively through all of your social relationships in order to increase presence and popularity
  • How to recognize and embody the key traits and behaviors both women and clients seek out in romantic and professional relationships

If anything, this book will be the confidence boost you need to initiate new and better sales.

Sell yourself, sell your product, or sell your services by paying attention to the clients (or the woman) in your life.

You’re going to meet new people and you’re going to talk to them, which – in Tucker’s mind – will make you the most popular guy in the room because you’ll be the one having the most fun.

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