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Episode 264: ‘Despacito’ Songwriter Erika Ender

“Everyone has their own talent,” Erika said. “And my talent is expressing through writing songs and from singing them.”

She wrote “Despacito” – the fastest song to hit 3 billion downloads in the history of music. Now it’s past 4 billion. That’s half the planet.  I asked how she did it. “Let’s say I want to write a song that gets 4 billion views,” I said. “What should my first few steps be?”

“You know what…” she said. “I don’t think about the numbers. I think the main thing is for you to connect with the world.”

She has a beautiful way of thinking. And it bleeds into her art. Often, my mind is full of fears and it clouds my creativity. So I asked if she’s afraid of losing. Or not topping herself. What if “Despacito” was it? Her peak?

“Everyone asks me that,” she said. “People are always asking, ‘Do you feel pressure? What are you going to do next?’ And I say, “You know what… this is such a gift. I’m not putting any pressure on myself because I think doing that is seeing life from the ego eyes. I’m not thinking I’m going to top this. I’m just going to keep doing quality work. I’m trying to evolve.”

That’s the key to having an “abundance mentality.” And the key to pursuing your talent.

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