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If your boss paid you to quit, would you do it?

That’s what happened to James Manos, writer and co-producer of The Sopranos and Dexter.

He had a crappy job.

Everybody starts with a crappy job. Some people climb up the latter to other crappy jobs.

You have your reasons to not quit. Kids to support, a lousy mortgage to pay, debt, plans for retirement, etc.

James was a media buyer. He didn’t hate it. But is that a reason to do it? This is not a trick question.

If you don’t hate something, or you’re not unhappy, then it’s not right for you. In fact, it’s wrong for you.

Despite knowing he had a passion for theater in college, James felt “compelled to get a square job.”

So he did. “I got a job in a small, boutique advertising agency in New York City,” he says.

But then his boss saved him. After three months of work his boss, Alan, asked, “Do you really like what you’re doing?”

James said, “I think so.” This isn’t a “fire me I beg you” story. He didn’t think he wanted to quit.

But Alan paid James to take a couple weeks off. He said, “Think about if this is really what you want to do with your life.”

James took the time off and when he came back he said, “You’re right. I don’t think I should be here.”

You can hear the rest of James Manos’ story in today’s interview. You’ll learn how to say no to the wrong things so you can say yes to the right things. You’ll learn what influences and inspires you.

“Everything is connected,” James says, “and if you’re lucky enough to see the connections you’ll do a good job.”

James did a good job. He connected the dots and became one of the brilliant writers behind TV’s greatest dramas.

What great potential do you have?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why you should consider quitting your job
  • The brilliance behind shows like The Sopranos and Dexter
  • The rise of the anti-hero in American entertainment
  • The intricacy of modern escapism
  • Plus much more…

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