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“I’m the kind of person who is embarrassed to lie,” says ‘Freeway’ Rick Ross. Not the words you would expect to come from a convicted felon.

Rick built an empire, a drug empire that is, the notorious LA crack cocaine empire.

But the man who built this is not an evil man as you might suspect. He is charitable, a teacher, and an ideal leader. “I always knew I was gong to jail,” he tells me.

So why did I interview him?

First off, his story is the kind that creates curiosity. It is so foreign to me — a good, jewish boy. It’s thrilling.

Second, our stories have a common theme: how do you pick yourself up when you’re at rock bottom?

His rock bottom was finding out he was sentenced to life in prison. How do you stay motivated after discovering your entire future will be in a cage? How do you not run away? Can you choose yourself?


Before bottom, Rick was illiterate. He picked himself up by improving everyday. He read 300 books, the Wall Street Journal, the LA times and more all before bail.

He was given a sentence, but he changed his destiny. You can, too.

Rick also has expert advice on how to resolve conflicts. In his business, he had power and guns but chose peace over force time and time again. His story is telling of how to build loyalty. You can use his experience to create loyal teams and partnerships in your life and work, too.

The moral of the story here is not how you get success. It’s what you do with it that matters. On his rise to the top, Rick gave back to his community. He gives back today by advocating literacy and speaking in schools.

After listening, you could write a 10 ideas list on how you can give back to your community today.  If nothing else, I hope this interview inspires you to improve your destiny and others.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to resolve conflicts
  • How to build loyal relationships
  • Examples of strong work ethic
  • Why literacy is important
  • How to gain clientele and use word of mouth marketing
  • Plus much more…

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