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Do you need help?Your first thought may not be the honest truth. Sometimes, it can be hard to admit it.

Rich Roll didn’t know he needed help until he faced what he thought was a heart attack.

He used to drink vodka tonics in the shower before heading to work. He was a lawyer, an alcoholic, and fifty pounds over weight.

Now, he’s “an accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete.” What a transformation! “You realize gradually you’re living someone else’s life,” he says.

Today, Rich talks about his “moment of clarity.”

“I was in enough pain where I was willing to do something different,” he says, “I made a decision and my life was irrevocably altered for the better forever.”

Rich says you’re lucky if you have a moment of clarity. If you have a moment like this, take action immediately. “I had a very slim window of opportunity to make a decision that would allow me to change and live differently, but if I didn’t take it seriously and immediately implement some kind of specific new direction then it would quickly pass and I would be back to the status quo.”

So if you do need help, how do you get it?

Rich gives answers to get help in all areas of the daily practice: mental, emotional and physical.

 He also agrees it’s extremely important to surround yourself with people who support your dreams. Whose standards are you trying to live up to? Yours or someone else’s? Rich tells us how letting go of expectations allowed him to ask, “What do I expect from myself?”He realized the”American Dream” wasn’t his dream at all.

Living someone else’s life will cause you a heart attack.

Choosing yourself can change that. But you have to remember it’s physical, mental and emotional. Listen to Rich’s story and learn how to live the best life for you.

 In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The great potential you have to be healthy and happy
  • How to let of other people’s expectations of you
  • How to start following your dreams
  • How to be in the best shape physically, mentally and emotionally
  • How to fight addiction
  • Plus much more…

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