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Tim’s doing a new experiment.

(I’m not surprised.)

He’s looking at people and asking himself one question…

“What happened to this person?”

He said, “Normal people are just folks you don’t know well enough yet, right? Nobody’s normal. We’re so full of stuff and trauma and nonsense and silly beliefs. Everyone’s a work in progress and since you’re a work in progress, it’s very hard to know yourself.”

He gave me an example. But didn’t name names.

“There was this woman who had some very peculiar emotions. It turned out that she had watched her father beat her mother into unconsciousness on multiple occasions… knocked out, unconscious, on the floor. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.”

She’s acting in response to her past. Not her present. I think that’s what Tim means when he said, “we’re cause and effect collection machines.”

And that’s really where advice comes from… the intersection between cause, effect, and hindsight.

I feel Tim’s really mastered this new intersection. He’s embracing being “a work in progress.”

That’s what makes his new book so relatable.

It’s called “Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World.

He reached out to Matt Ridley, Stephen Pressfield, Dustin Moskovitz, Naval Ravikant, Patton Oswalt, Susan Cain, Ben Stiller, Annie Duke… the list goes on and on.

(But don’t worry! I’m in the next book, “Tribe of ALMOST Mentors”).

Each person in the book dissects their success. They slice it open, dig through the guts and give you the heart.

They show you HOW they became a peak performer. And the best part is it’s all through Tim’s lens.

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