Matt Balaker ‏@mattybgame: What’s your opinion on the easing of advertising restrictions on hedge funds? It’s like they’re real businesses or something.


There really shouldn’t be advertising restrictions on any business. We’re all adults. We’re all big boys. It’s amazing how many people get scammed by hedge funds every year despite all advertising restrictions. If there were no advertising restrictions then, ironically, those scams would be revealed a lot sooner because a lot more people would begin complaining early on. A free market is what protects people from scams more quickly than government regulations.

Example scams: Almost every hedge fund. Most mutual funds. Most financial services firms. Most food. Most over the counter and under the counter pharmaceuticals. Most education. Most lawyers. Most accountants. Most of everything basically.

But still we survive. Still we live. Still all the victims of Madoff got most of their original money back. Still people move on to make more mistakes. more foolish decisions, more misguided purchases, and more of everything. More, more, more, until finally we die and leave it all behind. Advertising restrictions won’t protect us from death. Only turning more into less, greed into “enough”, pleasure into contentment. We should learn to restrict ourselves before we let the government restrict us.