Should I follow my lifelong dream or go to college?

Should I follow my lifelong dream or go to college? –@himynameissteev

My stance on college is very clear Some people might say that your dream will always be there but you might as well have college to fall back on.

Actually, the reverse is true. Your dream might not always be there (college has a way of dampening dreams) and college is no longer there to fall back on.

Going to college means:

A)    Graduating with enormous debt. You become a debt slave

B)    Taking five years out of your life to get a piece of paper with your name on it

C)    Spending five years NOT pursuing the things you are truly interested in. Life is short. 5 years could be 10% of your life. Why waste this valuable time?

Pursue the dream first. Pursue it in every way possible. Throw yourself into it because when you are at the ages of 18-22, that is when you have the passion and energy to try things. And besides, nobody is expecting much from you anyway (other than expecting you to go to college).

Later you can change your mind. You can always change your mind. But if you consistently make it a habit to put dreams on hold, the only thing that’s left is nightmares.