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  • Awesome

  • Priscilla Fernandez

    I just finished listening to your audiobook Choose Yourself. Wow. Just wow. What does a business consultant in Tucson, AZ who just lost her last client AND is divorcing her husband have to do to work for and/or with you?! In all seriousness, your book and voice were a godsend. I’m so grateful for you for being BRUTALLY HONEST! Every time you’d say “I wanted to die” or “I hit rock bottom” or whatever, I would scream “me too!” LOL. And don’t think I didn’t catch the part where you admit to peeing yourself! I LOL’d for sure!

    Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and being so vulnerable like Brene Brown encourages us to do :)

  • As usual, James Altucher on target.

    Carl Kruse

  • msschwartz

    You had me at ‘Spandau Ballet”!

  • Val Hemminger

    I laughed out loud at this very inspiring book. Already incorporating some of the ideas into my life. Because I am a lawyer, people giving me advice have always wanted me to “tone it down” a notch on the worldwide web. I have been watering down who I am. Not anymore. Thank you thank you.

    • The Firemaster

      Hi Val, can you please tell me what book you’re talking about. I feel like I’m constantly “watering down”. Thanks in advance.

  • Rob In

    His new book is also very inspiring

  • Nicole Brittany Korneisel

    Would you consider visiting Milwaukee, WI?

  • Thanks for sharing. I will consider seriously.

  • Tony Rubleski

    Hi James. Loved your latest book! Here’s my review of your book from my blog. We also let our email subscribers know to grab a copy of your book as well. Would love the chance to interview you in October or November for my global audience as well. Cheers~

  • John Derr

    how could I talk with you MR.Altucher ?

  • Louis Oduma

    i wants to buy your new book, cryptocurrency 101, how to make fortune on digital currency, can i pay you in bitcoin, i dont have any bank pay ment card but , i can pay in bitcoin

  • Louis Oduma

    how do i reach you so that , you can send me your bitcoin address to receive paymen
    t, your work is Amazing

  • sisyphous13th

    So far, I’m in. Just watched my first Altucher video. Let’s see where it leads me.