What are the statistics of men cheating more than once?

What are the statistics of men cheating more than once? –@LynnHasselbrgr

I don’t know the exact statistics but my gut tells me if a man cheats once, he’s going to cheat twice. I once read a story about a person who would fire anyone who cheated on his wife “because if he can cheat on his wife, he can cheat me.” People cheat for many reasons: that they might not be happy in their marriage is only one of them. In which case, they should end their marriage.

However, a big reason men cheat is that they are addicts. They love the chase, they’re insecure and need that chase, and then acceptance of the invitation to sex, to feel alive again. This might be a reaction not to the marriage but to any number of things that have happened since childhood.

So how do you treat an addiction? Can a person actually change? One possible solution is to go to a 12-step plan like Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA).

I know many people who have successfully been able to go to SLAA and get over their love or sex addictions. But you have to treat it like you would treat any other illness. You cannot just say, “no more cheating”, because that will do nothing to solve the underlying causes of what happened.

One other statistic that I heard that may or may not be true: if a man cheats and then moves in with his new girlfriend there is a 95% chance it will not work out. Again, who knows? Nevertheless sometimes statistics are useful ledges to hang onto.