What is freedom?

Escape the City ‏ @escthecity It says ‘Trapped in Freedom’ on the side of my building. What does this mean?

ANSWER: Real freedom is a myth, but we are told we can get it with money. I had money. The year before I made money I felt incredibly free, I had friends, I enjoyed life. Once I made money I became asick maniac.

Money brings out the worst in people. In extreme. Not always. You learn to tame the tiger after brutal experience.

But often money gives you a momentary glimpse of freedom for the first time in your life. And then….you use that money to buy new chains: the house, the girls, the art, the cars, the vacations, bad investments, etc.

Money can buy A LOT of chains. Many more chains than can be bought if you don’t have money.

So freedom is still elusive. What gets it?

Decluttering. Not just your house. But your body: make sure you’re healthy every day. Your emotions: make sure you only spend time with people you love and who inspire you. Your mind: make sure you attempt to be creative every day. Creativity takes the mind away from anxieties. And spirituality: leave room each day for thoughts about the people you are grateful for, and thank whoever you hold dear or whatever you hold dear, for the luck and fortune that you have.

It’s only through this last part that luck and fortune continue to grow and compound. Gratitude compounds