What is the best avenue to use when writing a will?

wilsprod ‏ @wilsprod What is the best avenue to use when writing a will? I’d prefer to not use a lawyer, but if it makes sense, I will.


I hope my lawyer doesn’t get offended but lawyers are glorified secretaries. Think about it: let’s say you were really in trouble and you go to court. There’s one of you there and there’s two lawyers. So lawyers only have a 50-50 chance of helping you in the worst moments of your life.

So for basic stuff: wills, divorces, real estate, insurance, basic partnerships, setting up a company, why pay $500 an hour to someone who is going to take out a piece of paper and fill in the blanks.

You can do that also! And, in fact, there are many websites that are being set up to help you do that. I mentioned LegalZoom.com in my tweet answer to you. Because of twitter, LegalZoom was aware of my tweet and they responded also:

LegalZoom ‏ @LegalZoom @jaltucher Thanks for the mention! @wilsprod Let us know if you have questions or need more info. 🙂

So the dream of the internet is coming true. We are all getting closer and closer. Use your friends to help you. Not your lawyers.