What is your favorite chapter in your last book?

What is your favorite chapter in your last book? –@ClaudiaYoga

Ok, she’s being sneaky. She’s my wife. Bad Claudia! Now you force me to self-promote. And I even heard your giggling while you were typing that tweet so you aren’t fooling anyone.

But it’s a good question. She knows people will think my book might be just a collection of blog posts and she wants me to always describe how it’s different.

In my blog I constantly recommend “The Daily Practice” http://bit.ly/fuiRS9 to pick yourself up when you find yourself on the floor and are having trouble getting up and started again. In this book, in the chapter, “What is True Happiness and Success” I provide a lot of modifications to that practice that’s not anywhere on the blog.

Also, in the introduction I provide an overriding arc which suggests that the first step in success is acknowledging how much we’ve been brainwashed, who has brainwashed us, how do we get over the brainwashing, and then from there what are the steps needed to be truly happy with our lives. I think these are useful chapters. At least, they have been for me. As I say in the conclusion, “Don’t believe me. Try these things for yourself.” And then see what happens.