What significant or symbolic role does The Fortress of Solitude play in your life especially in terms of meditation & creativity?

Robert Chirwa ‏ @Robert_Chirwa

What significant or symbolic role does The Fortress of Solitude play in your life especially in terms of meditation & creativity


Superman is the secret version of us. We all walk around as Clark Kent. Mild-mannered, a bit clumsy, rising up the corporate ranks, maybe we have glasses or some other slight infirmity (shyness, awkwardness around women or men, nervousness about our looks, a sycophantic wish to please our bosses).

But deep inside, we know that the version of us that people see is really just a secret identity. I’m not really James Altucher, who sometimes gets angry, who sometimes has petty jealousies or envies, who sometimes has worries about money or fears about love or desires for something greater in life. In reality, in the center of us, we know we can go into a phone booth and come out as Superman – a person with no family, a person with no worries of the future since nothing can harm us, a person with no ties in any way to a home (since it’s been destroyed), and yet we are all secretly people of hidden powers, infinite powers. We know this in the bottom of our hearts. And one day someone will unveil this to us, to tell us that the secret we knew all along is true.

And then we will be shown our home. The Fortress of Solitude. The key weighs half a million tons and is carved out of a dead dwarf star so only we can lift it to unlock our home. Inside our home we can finally be at peace. There is nobody there. Nobody can find us. Nobody can worry us. We breathe in the crisp cool air of the Arctic. Time has frozen for us. We are home right where we are, infinite solitude, infinite power, with no conceivable ties to anyone who can possibly harm us.

The Fortress of Solitude is our subconscious. It does take a million tons of key to open it up. Or it just takes surrender to unleash it. If we dig deep down and say, “James Altucher is just a name”. “My fears are just feelings this body has.” “My simple awkwardness is something this body has but not the real me.” If we surrender all of our fears, all of our angers from the past, all of our worries of the future, if we only observe what is in our body right now, we enter the Fortress of Solitude. Nobody knows the real you. But you are there and thriving.

Give up control. That’s the key to the Fortress of Solitude.

And right now, in that moment, you become super human.