What will you say for betting on sports?

Ashmeet Sahni ‏ @sk8erboyash what will you say for betting on sports??


The only way to win in sports betting is, Moneyball style, using computers to find statistical patterns in the data and diversify across thousands of bets. I personally know people who have made millions doing this.

But it’s getting harder. Computers are easier, the software is out there, the data is more readily available.

So think out loud: what NEW data is out there that not so many people are using yet?

Social media data. So use a site like DataSift, which has access to the entire twitter data feed, and figure out if there is something worthwhile there you can program that gives you an edge over the other computer sports bettors out there. For instance, maybe the number of tweets goes up considerably for the winning team right before a match. Who knows why? Maybe it just happens on average and you can place winning bets accordingly.

After my tweet, due to the magic of twitter, DataSift then tweeted:

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