What’s the best mistake you’ve ever made?

Robbie Abed ‏ @RobbieAb: what’s the best mistake you’ve ever made?


The best mistake I ever made. I had two children. Ugh, what a drag it is. You know what it’s like to have two children? All you do is keep them alive. That’s it. That’s your goal. And do they care? Not one bit. And then you listen to them bicker. I have two daughters so when they bicker its all about complicated emotional stuff that’s beyond the understanding of mere mortal men like me.

Also: kid’s cost a lot of money. It’s about 10-30k per pregnancy. Then it’s a ton of money every year on food, clothes, gas (to get them to school), then toys, presents, presents for their friends, furniture, extra living space, commutes, and then who knows when it ends? For all I know I will be giving them money forever. Kids are the worst possible thing on the planet. What a big fat drag.

But then when they aren’t here I miss them.

And when they are sad it breaks my heart.

And when they call me because they want to talk I have nothing to say but I desperately search for something in my head that can interest them.

And when I can make them laugh I want that laughter to never end. I hear it in my head right now. It’s neverending.