What’s the most supernatural experiences you’ve…experienced?

Ryan ‏ @TrenchtownTweet: What’s the most supernatural experiences you’ve…experienced?


What isn’t supernatural? I’m typing in a computer and I can see in my logs that within the next 24 hours people from over 100 countries will read what I have said. I can browse photographs videos blogs written by people from all over the world.

I can go outside and see 2 ton machines effortless transporting people at high speeds from one location to another.

I can go to a building down the street and with some green pieces of paper, someone can cook my dinner, pour my water, clear my table, and then I can walk home breathing in the fresh air.

I can breathe. My heart will help out by taking oxygen to every part of my body, keeping this machine alive so that awareness and consciousness can be awake for a certain number of years. What an amazing thing? And thank god enough asteroids with water crashed onto this planet during its growing years so the right combination of water and land could exist to create conditions for life. Not to mention or exact proximity to the sun has sufficed to keep temperatures just right for life.

I received the most vile hatemail today over an article i wrote. It’s supernatural to me that I get such great teachers all the time to help me deal with my worst insecurities. Just when I need a teacher, He always shows up.

In my best moments, where I feel I fully practice what I preach, everything in supernatural, the magic is everywhere. In my worst moments, I’m on a cement floor, and even the air I breathe is pungent and weighs me down. But it’s my choice ultimately. Hopefully I will more and more choose the supernatural door then the door filled with fake realities.