What's your take on God? Who do you believe he is?

Sir Bezaleel Ashefor ‏@knightbenax: whats ur take on God? Who do you believe he is?


God is the building across the street from where my grandpa lived on 28th Street and 8th Avenue when I was a kid. I know this because I was about six years old and I asked him and he pointed at that building and said, “God is out there”. I walked by there the other day. The same McDonalds is at the bottom of that building. Almost 40 years later. I loved that McDonalds. I would beg my sister to take me there but she’d say, “ugh, that’s junk” but sometimes we’d sneak out anyway and then go to the comic book store next door to it until my grandpa tracked us down. The comic book store was God for me.

Someone asked me last week about God. I said, “God is you. But who are you?”

The same answer still applies. But who am I to answer?

We have very small brains. Our brains crawled out of the ocean. Evolved from the single-cell amoeba that was desperate to find food anywhere it could. We are defenseless against our bigger competitors for food. A bear could kill us in a second. A shark could skin us alive with its sharp teeth and we’d still be conscious in its stomach as its digestive acids burned us alive.

So we built this brain to compete. Our brain is good for two things: getting food and procreating. That’s it.

Meanwhile, the universe is filled with mysteries. Mysteries a quadrillion times too complex for our brains to understand. And perhaps God is the accumulation of everything we don’t understand.

But also, what if we got the brain out of the way. What if the next time you are angry you say, “that anger is not me”. What if the next time you want a bigger house you say, “It would be nice but that bigger house is not me, I’m going to release that hope”. What if the next time you are worried about losing your job in the distant future you say, “that worry is just my brain trying to create drama for me.” What if the next time someone says something behind your back and you hear about it you say, “I feel sorry for that person. But what I feel now is not the real me. It’s just a fleeting feeling which will disappear.”

So now we know what you aren’t. You aren’t a collection of facts learned from decades of BS schooling. You aren’t your angers or your envies or your lusts or your drama. You aren’t a big to-do list. You aren’t a collection of pains on your body. You are none of these things.

So really, who are you?

And then, one more step, who is asking that question? It’s not your thoughts. It’snot your feelings. it’s not yoru mind. it’s not your sense of “me” or “I”. What is it? Who is observing all of these thought as they flicker by?

For me, personally, the answer to that question is “God”. That’s who you are.