What’s your dream? What’s your biggest goal in life?

What’s your dream? What’s your biggest goal in life? –@valuewalk

My biggest goal is to have much fewer goals. This sounds sort of clichéd but it’s true. Goals are stressful. Let’s say your goal is to have $100 million. That’s hard! It’s stressful to accomplish. It requires a lot of work. And then the question is: is it really necessary to have $100 million to be happy?

Or let’s say my goal is to publish a novel? That’s hard also! It will take time away from my kids, from my wife. It’s hard to make money writing fiction (you have to be either lucky, super-talented, or super prolific, or all of the above) so you end up having to market yourself a lot, which is stressful.

We all have to support our families. But when that goal is largely accomplished to the best of our abilities, what other goals should we have? I don’t want to lie around watching TV all day. But I guess if you constantly seek to improve yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, then that’s the best goal to have because that’s the goal that will keep you happy, and help those around you, and turn you into an idea/innovation machine that will inspire others.

I hope I can get to a point where that’s my only goal. Instead, I probably have too many “extra” goals that are nothing but baggage I have to carry around all the time.  

Someone also asked: If you had to choose between physical health and mental health, what would you choose?

The answer (and I hope I never have to make that choice) is physical health. The reason is: you want high quality of life into your elder years. This gives you as much time and energy as possible to pursue the other three types of health I talk about. That said, they are all linked (stress will decrease your physical health, for instance). And physical health and exercise will help to keep you mentally balanced.