Which of your daily practices is most important to your creativity?

Which of your daily practices is most important to your creativity? –@JulioD

I threw up all over the floor and my two year old said, “throw up.” I had just had a steak dinner with two investment bankers. I was trying to pretend I wasn’t quickly going poor. But I was sick. I was sick in body, mind, soul, and even then my marriage was probably falling apart and I was losing  my house. My two year old was probably scared seeing me on the floor with puke everywhere.

How do you get off the floor? How do you keep the universe excited and surprised by your mere existence? Every time I would do so I would end up back on this floor. I hope now I’ve learned my lesson. I pray I learned it.

But everytime I’ve been on the floor I’ve applied the principles that I describe in this post http://bit.ly/fuiRS9. In order to be creative you have to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

All of them are equally important. For instance, how you can be creative if you are so sick you are throwing up? Or if you are constantly arguing with wife or friends or colleagues (the emotional side) or you are mentally sluggish or if you are spiritually unable to surrender to the creative force inside of you.

Sometimes things are so bad for me I have to give up, I have to surrender. I have to say, “what the hell, I’ve done everything I can, now I need some help.” Who are you surrendering to? It might very well be that creative force inside of you that’s saying, “please let me out so I can run rampant throughout the universe.” It doesn’t have to be god you surrender to but everything inside of you (your creativity) that you never knew existed.

So everything is equally important. If one leg is missing then the chair will tip over and fall down.