Who do I turn to if I was scammed by Tim Roberts of Savtira and lost small fortune 2 weeks before their bogus bankruptcy?

TommyO ‏@TommyOphotos: Was scammed by Tim Roberts of Savtira, lost small fortune 2 wks before their bogus bankruptcy. Who do I turn to? DA, SEC, FBI???


One time someone I knew fell and broke her leg in a Macy’s. She spent the next five years suing Macy’s and hoping the settlement would be enough to satisfy her financial needs forever. So for five years she was always complaining about her leg. She couldn’t let her leg get better or else her entire wish for financial safety would have no merit. She became obsessed with the details of her case and was always on the phone with lawyers. Any guidance I would try to give her would be blocked by her friends, “Don’t say that! She’s worked hard for this. She’s depending on that settlement”.

She lost the case. No money.

Don’t be that person. You were scammed. You’re a big boy. Now you know. Don’t turn to anyone. Don’t count on getting that money back. Don’t live your life angry and with regret.

When I lost all my money in 2000, people close to me suggested I sue my stockbroker, who is still a good friend of mine. There was no way I was going to sue him. I made every decision. I had only myself to blame. I don’t care if suing him would’ve gotten my money back. Not suing him taught me to take responsibility for my own actions, to move forwards instead of backwards, to focus on ideas and creativity and growth instead of looking backwards constantly at regret and remorse.

You tell me what the better way to live life is? And when you make that money again, it will be the sweetest revenge. And you will. But not from the FBI. I don’t think the FBI is the way to get rich.

Remember: It’s Your Fault.