Who is your favorite president?

Who is your favorite president? –@lakergodSK

There really was only one good President and the rest were failures: George Washington: He stayed above the fray of party politics. He basically turned down a lifetime Presidency at the end of his two terms, recognizing that a country needed change and not succumbing to his own ego.

Everyone else had their shortcomings. Of course, it’s easy to say that in hindsight and I’d be happy to discuss this further in the comments but who else was good? One person mentioned to me FDR but: the Depression lasted a full 7 years longer when he became President. None of his policies worked towards solving the Great Depression. None of them. He got us into WW II only after all the Jews were being demolished by Germany. He even turned away Jews who were trying to escape to America. How many Americans died once we got into WWII? He tried to flout the Constitution by stuffing the Supreme Court. He ran for 4 terms, the first since George Washington to even attempt to stay more than two.

Well, what about Lincoln? My question is: why didn’t he free the slaves immediately? Isn’t that what it was about? Turns out the answer is “no.” He let his VP run the Union Army. And then, when the North was losing, he freed the slaves to try and get a little extra help. The Civil War was fought about the North’s need to get a piece of the cotton action in the South via tariffs. Nothing else.Which is why the British (who freed their slaves in 1832) were eager to get the North out of the picture (slavery issue aside) and help the South. Money trumped the horrible sin against nature of slavery. That’s Lincoln.

Anyone else?

Finally, what does the President actually do? As per the Constitution. I think it’s time we revise things and Abolish The Presidency http://bit.ly/rjISwx altogether and actually save the economy in doing so.