Why does every business need a blog, FB page, & twitter?

wilsprod ‏ @wilsprod: Why does every business need a blog, FB page, & twitter? Maybe true for some businesses, but it’s not essential for most.


Hmmm, if I advertise just about anywhere I have to spend money for little results. I once asked the CEO of VH1 if he would ever advertise on TV. He said, “not in one million years. Nobody pays attention to TV ads and there’s no way to track the response.”

But with a blog, Facebook, and Twitter you can actually advertise for free, track the response, spread word of your business through word of mouth, and get more customers. Why not try it? You can do it for basically nothing (if you do it) or you can outsource. I don’t know all the ways to outsource but at blogmutt.com you can get people to write your blog, at optim.al they can help you set up your facebook page, at twylah they can help you set up your branded twitter page. Using bit.ly you can track how people share your content.

All of this for almost nothing. And then you can see what happens. If you get a customer via facebook they can “like” your facebook page. Now all of their friends will see that they like you. And you get more customers. How will you get customers to even go to your facebook page? You can put your blog posts there to give it content.

It doesn’t matter what your business is. You can be the corner deli. You can be the first corner deli to have a huge social media presence. That will get you customers.